It’s a new chapter for Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber as they move into their new mansion in Beverly Hills.

The strained couple appears to be in a better place now as they arrive at their lavish new house ready for the big move.

Hailey Bieber looked over the moon as she scoped out the moving trucks bringing in all their personal belongings with a huge grin on her face.

She looked 90’s chic an oversized plaid shirt, black PVC leggings, and black biker boots.  She sported her favorite cap which displays her married name across it.

Bieber also appeared to be in high spirits as he walked past the empty moving truck into his cluttered garage.

The self-admitted depressed crooner appeared to be whistling upon arrival – pursuing his lips together and walking with a pep in his step.

He was dressed in a black hoodie, red tee, red jogging pants, and white sneakers with red stripes.

The couple appears to be going for an earthy feel in their home with natural weave baskets, rattan chairs, and wood furniture.

Just because they are going for a down-to-earth look for their furniture, doesn’t mean they don’t love their technology.

A massive 75-inch Samsung TV was delivered a few days prior which costs an estimated $7,000.  Perhaps this gorgeous piece of technology will be placed in their ‘Beverly Hills Hotel’ styled wet bar.

Justin Bieber Buys $8.5 Million Old School Beverly Hills Mansion

If you are curious what else the house boasts we got you covered (link above).

It’s a classic home that has been gutted out and made modern with outside fireplace, olive trees, pool, and private courtyard.

The twosome looks to be elated to be turning a new chapter in their short marriage and who knows? Maybe they will even opt to have a backyard wedding at their Beverly Hills old-school mansion.


If you are wondering how they are feeling about their big move, check them out dancing to Jonas Brothers on moving day.  Happy as can be! Congratulations to the famous couple.

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