Gigi Hadid wears a cape to Variety’s Power of Women in NYC.

The supermodel looked ultra-glam as she arrived in a baby blue couture pantsuit that came equipped with its own cape.

The blue-eyed beauty paired her extravagant attire with blue python pumps, large diamond hoop earrings, small gold hoop earrings, and thin gold rings.

Gigi Hadid was not alone at the Variety’s Power of Women luncheon, her sister Bella Hadid was also present and got super emotional about during Gigi’s speech.

The gorgeous model was called ‘the most amazing woman he has ever known’ by her ex-Zayn Malik.  The pop star was firing back after his fans assumed a cryptic tweet he posted was about her.

The confusion began when Zayn let out a series of tweets after images of Gigi were published, linking her to longtime guy friend and Selena’s ex-Samuel Krost.

The cryptic tweets sent said – ‘This ain’t a place for feelings,’ he said, ‘And you aren’t the person you said you were’.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Hop into Their Ride

The internet went into a frenzy trying to figure out who he was talking about and most assumed it was about his ex.

However, Zayn denies that it was she who he was referring to and even got angry at his fans for going after Gigi.

Gigi cast the Zayn drama aside and asked everyone to calm down. The reality is she’s not dating her friend and would not like to be linked to every male friend she has.

She released a tweet in response saying ‘If you outlets are going to continue writing bs headlines every time I’m seen with a friend of male gender then there’s gunna be a lot of unneeded confusion’.

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid Expose Themselves During PFW2019