Harry Styles had himself a satisfying run in London, England.

The former One Direction member took time for self-care by packing income physical activity back home in the U.K. Styles sported a colorful Nike hooded jacket patterned with green, yellow, orange, red, and blue color blocks. Did we mention how well his nails complimented the vibrance of his fit? It was only Harry and his music while he listened to wireless headphones.

As a refresher, he enjoyed a green juice to cool him down.

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In other news, Harry has made it known that he plans on taking his acting career more serious. Music has been a first love for the artist for a while, but with the disintegration of One-D, it made the path to the big screen even more clear.

The 24-year-old has made past news about not being concerned with reuniting the group any time soon. However, that doesn’t mean he’s over music completely. Styles launched his own independent record label in May 2016, called Erskine Records. That was where his debut solo single, “Sign Of The Times,” was released. Erskine Touring Company LLP followed behind to take over touring and promotional responsibilities. He also signed as a solo artist with Columbia Records a month later.

So far, we’ve seen him act is butt off in Dunkirka war movie packed with action and drama. The truth is, we can’t wait for more.

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