British actor Jude Law onset of his newest project, The New Pope, wearing nothing but tiny white briefs.

The 46-year-old looked to be in tip-top shape as he strutted down a boardwalk surrounded by a bevy of bikini-clad women as he filmed in Venice, Italy.

The dream-like scene has Law sporting grey slicked hair as he stuts with a serious stare walking past women as they throw volleyballs over his head.

The scene for the TV series is being filmed during a chilly time in Venice, as proven by the film crew who was bundled up in full winter gear as Jude and his extra’s withstood the bone-chilling temperatures in their tiny bathing suits.

It is unclear what the pope would be doing with so many scantily clad women but a vast array of them were used for the filming of the scene.  The majority were pictured shivering in-between takes and giving each other hugs to help stay warm on the crisp day.

Law appeared unfazed by the frigid temperatures as he walked with a swagger in his itty-bitty-tiny white briefs that left little to the imagination.

Some of the extra’s appeared to be taking a quick glimpse of the actor’s tight bum as he talked to the film crew in between scenes – we don’t blame them, the actor looked great from every angle.

The British hunk first played Lenny Belardo (Pius XIII) in 2016 in HBO‘s The Young Pope and is revisiting his role for The New Pope, however, it is not a continuation of the first series.

The new installment of the anthology will not follow the storyline of the first, but instead, change casts in the second season and retain some elements and characters from the first season, hence Jude Law’s big return.

He will be joined by Hollywood heavy-hitters John Malkovich and Sharon Stone who is also rumored to be joining the cast for the short eight-episode series.

Award-winning Malkovich was shot in his new holy role as he rode in a replica of the famous Pope-mobile.  Hundreds of people showed up for the filming of Paolo Sorrentino’s limited series a stone’s throw from St. Peter’s Square as reported by AP.

It seems this new installment to the religion based show is looking to be as great as the first that gave Jude Law a Golden Globe nomination for his role.

UPDATE: Things just got even more wild on set. 

New images just surfaced of Jude and a ton of naked people filming out in the ocean. Warning, there were a lot of black bars needed for these images.

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