David Beckham stopped off for an herbal energy drink supplement after taking a ride in his luxury McLaren 720S.

The Brit rolled out in his luxury vehicle worth an estimated $300,000.

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The retired soccer star was spotted at Earth Bar after cycling class downing an herbal energy supplement as he waited for a berry smoothie.

He was wearing a black graphic hoodie, black Adidas running shorts, grey Adidas leggings, and white and black sneakers for his outing.  He wore a baseball cap with ‘M’ in pink and was seen carrying his cell, credit card, and his keys.

Jay-Z and David Beckham Getting All Sweaty Together

The car features wing doors and is called ‘wonderfully fun and scary fast’ by Car and Driver. If you’re wondering, the car can go from 0-60mph in 2.6 seconds!

David Beckham has recently used his fame for a good cause in the fight against the disease Malaria.

He joined forces with the movement, Malaria Must Die, to film a video where the global star is dubbed speaking different languages to get the point across.

‘Malaria isn’t any disease’, the soccer star says, ‘It’s the deadliest disease’.

Beckham hasn’t only been busy playing good samaritan and driving fast cars, he has been playing doting dad to his 7-year old daughter Harper Beckham.

He’s often seen with his little girl taking her to shopping trips and fun activities no matter where in the globe they may be.

Their dad and daughter relationship is precious, with Harper often goofing around with her famous father. Earlier in the week, she was pictured trying to trip him as they walked, which he found hilarious.  After all, he’s a world-class soccer player that hasn’t been taken down by entire soccer teams let alone his cute daughter.

The Beckham family is often in Los Angeles and even had a permanent home. The sold that house and decided to travel back and forth to give their children a proper English upbringing.

David Beckham – Adorable Daddy Day with Daughter Harper

Jay-Z and David Beckham Getting All Sweaty Together