Rare Sight! Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were spotted holding hands while having a lively conversation with his daughter Corinne Foxx.

The secretive couple appears stronger than ever after rumors began to swirl that they had separated – Foxx confused people after declaring himself ‘single’ during a Hollywood function.


Jamie was holding onto Katie’s hand as she looked at him with a smile while his daughter Corinne listened to whatever he was saying.  The trio was on their way back from spending the evening together.

Katie Holmes Looks Stunning Amidst Jamie Foxx Breakup Rumors

Our eyewitness says the three spent 4 1/2 hours together inside the Westfield Century City Mall, arriving at 5:30 pm and leaving around 10:00 pm.  They were spotted eating fine gelato ice cream at Bacio di Latte during their family night out.

“Jamie was over the moon”, says our eyewitness, as he spent time with his two favorite girls.  By the way, this is the very first time Katie Holmes has been photographed with Foxx’s 25-year-old daughter.

Katie was dressed for the chilly night in a 3/4 length jacket, white tee, blue jeans, and embellished mules, while Jamie wore a white long-sleeve shirt, black pants, and white sneakers.  He was also carrying a backpack.

The reclusive couple didn’t seem to care who spotted them, according to our witness “Foxx kept holding Katie’s hand and didn’t care who saw them together in public.”

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes – Sneak Away to Miami Together

This is the second time the couple has been seen together since their rumored separation, the first time they were heading to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  They were spotted walking in Central Park and later headed to the museum.

Fox and Holmes have chosen to keep their families separated to avoid the unneeded scrutiny that comes from a high-profile relationship, but perhaps now they are ready to take the next step.

Corinne has joined her father on his Fox show called Beat Shazam.  It is maybe the reason why she is spending more time with the couple.

The father-daughter duo talked to Build web series about their new collaboration.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that Corinne got her part because of her famous dad – she had to audition like everyone else.

She was seen embracing her dad goodbye as she picked up her car at valet while Katie and Jamie waited for their rides.

We can tell you that the enamored couple left in separate vehicles, according to our eyewitness,  Jamie left in his own car while Katie was picked up by a limo service.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes appear to be in a great spot after enjoying an evening in their blended family.

Jamie Foxx Out with Pretty Brunette Amidst Katie Holmes Break-up Rumors