Talk about eating on the run – Margot Robbie is spotted back on the set of Birds of Prey as Harley Quinn who now becomes a ‘Hamburglar’ as she runs away with a stolen cheeseburger in her latest scene.

SPOILER ALERT: The intense police chase scene turns comical when Harley is pictured running with a cheeseburger as police chase her down.

She is being chased as she hilariously tucks the burger in her bosom and takes her boot off to throw at the cops.

Rosie Perez just now joined the cast as police officer Renee Montoya.  She was pictured with a gun in her hand as she chased down Harley wearing a black button-down shirt, green cargo pants, and black shoes.

In the scene, Harley is not about to get caught in the police foot pursuit as she attempts to make obstacles for Detective Montoya to prevent her from catching her.

When she realizes she is about to get caught…

She unwraps her cheeseburger wearing her signature caution tape jacket, pink bra, and pinstripe denim jeans as she stands without one of her boots in her colorful sequins socks.

She stops in the middle of the street and takes a huge bite as Rosie’s character holds her at gunpoint.

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A body-double for Perez was used on the final part of the scene when Harley gets to finally enjoy her stolen meal.

No sense in letting a good burger go to waste, according to Quinn, who eats the burger right in front of Montoya.

If you don’t want to see Harley Quinn’s big transformation, you better stop here! We got even more pictures for you, this time with a look that is unique to this film.

Harley appears to have gone through a full makeover where she looks well-put-together as she shops at a jewelry store.

She looks incredibly sexy in an embellished blue jacket with several patches including one of a middle finger.  She wore the colorful jacket with gold metallic pinstripe pants and black sequins boots.

Her unique makeup included different color on each eyelid and vampy red lips.

Just because Harley is dressed to the nines, it doesn’t prevent her from having one of her epic meltdowns as seen in the above image where Robbie lets it all out on screen as she hysterically cries.

Margot Robbie is killing it in the new look for Harley Quinn and we are completely here for it. There seems to be so much going on with Harley in Birds of Prey, we can’t wait for the final product.

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