Nusret Gokce aka Nusret Gokce was spotted strolling though the streets of Milan and EVERYONE seems to know him.

The man who became wildly famous from sprinkling some salt on a piece of meat can’t walk ten feet without being asked to take a photo with a fan. If you didn’t know, Nusret has already racked up almost 21 million followers on Instagram and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

The chef was pictured in a form-fitting dark suit with most of the buttons undone on his white shirt and his signature pair of circular sunglasses.

As Gorkce strolled through the Italian town he was stopped numerous times by fans eager to get a pic with the social media giant.

Although you may laugh at his rise to fame, the viral sensation has turned into quite the mogul opening several Turkish steakhouses around the world called Nusr-Et. According to his official account he has locations in Turkey, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Miami, New York and Doha.

Not only that, the dude had a wax statue created in his honor.


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Not everything has been positive for the social media star. Gokce was hit with major backlash back in 2018 after bragging about hosting Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro in Instanbul. Protesters swarmed his Miami restaurant to voice their disgust with his actions.

Nusret quickly deleted the Instagram video showing him slicing up a $275 steak for Maduro and his wife.

Looks like the the controversy didn’t slow him down.

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