South Korean boy band BTS has one of the biggest fan bases in the music industry right now, but left a few hundred of them waiting outside a radio station high and dry as they snuck in the back door.

The Bangten Boys had a scheduled appearance at Z100 in New York to promote their new music and an up-coming appearance on SNL this weekend. Hundreds of fans flocked to the station’s Manhattan building to get a glimpse of the famous guys. The host Elvis Duran even tweeted about the event prompting police to set up barricades to prepare for a wild scene.


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Unfortunately for the fans, the band decided to sneak in a side entrance through a private garage. Cameras caught the men as they unloaded from their sprinter van and made their way upstairs using a giant freight elevator along with their handlers.

Thinking they might have just been in a hurry when they arrived, fans eagerly waited for their exit from the station.  Halfway through the on-air interview police began taking down the barricades and asking fans to clear out.

Ultimately, the members opted to stay hidden and use the garage to exit letting down many fans who had been waiting out there for hours.

BTS just released a new song called Boy With Luv featuring Halsey which is the title track of their album Map Of The Soul: Persona.

The video release was so popular it actually crashed YouTube leaving an ‘error’ message for people wanting to watch the video.  Not only that, for hours every single worldwide trending hashtag on Twitter was centered around the band.

Tune in to watch the guys preforming on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night on NBC.

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