Demi Rose really let the ta-tas out to play this week. The model was leaving Shane Cooper Beauty and Aesthetics Salon in London after a little cellulite treatment. Even though she was fully clothed from the top to bottom (a rare Demi sighting), it seemed like the only thing missing was her bra!

The 24-year-old has made a solid name for herself in the industry for her curvy figure. It’s almost impossible to catch her in anything else but a bikini. This time, Demi was caught out and about, but she seemed to have left her undergarments at home in the casual outfit. She wore baggy, army green belted joggers with a black, color sequin bomber jacket. Underneath was a shear charcoal mid-neck shirt that added a pinch of sexy to her fit.

Demi Rose Shamelessly Shows Off Curves Poolside in Thailand

It’s amazing that even in the most effortless ensemble, Rose can still be eye-catching. That explains why so many people try to make advances to her. And when we say “people,” we mean couples.

Demi used¬†Twitter¬†to tell fans about the endless offers she receives to have threesomes with guys and their girlfriends. Though it may be seen as flattering for some, the UK beauty made it very clear that she’s not interested AT ALL!

“Those couples that come up and ask you if you’d like a threesome with them like you haven’t got any better options.”

Well, with such a huge following just for her bodacious bod, how can you blame them for shooting their shot?

Demi Rose Displays Her Curves On Private Beach In Thailand