Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber rush the stage to catch buddy Jaden Smith on stage on Day 1 of the Coachella Festival 2019.

The ladies looked ecstatic to be seeing their childhood friend hitting the stage at the famed festival where everybody that is anybody shows up.

Kendall couldn’t contain her excitement as she rushed to get to the stage when it was time to watch Will Smith‘s son perform.

She was seen jumping in sheer joy as she ran to the stage with Hailey Baldwin.

Jayden shared a snap of himself wearing a tee that said – ‘I went all the way to Indio California to catch the best boy in the world’.  If you haven’t heard, NSYNC is supposed to be hitting the stage with Ariana Grande.

Kendall wore a silver long-sleeve shirt, leather pants and shiny leather boots for her first day at Coachella.

Mrs. Bieber was seen rushing to the the stage as well, wearing her hair in two buns, a cropped top, ripped jeans, and black sneakers.

She wore her last name around her neck in a silver chain and wore oversized rhinestone earrings.  Her man, Justin Bieber, was nowhere to be seen but had hinted that he was headed to the festival.

Baldwin wore a lot of bling for the music festival wearing a gold watch, a gold chain bracelet, and gold rings on top of her Bieber necklace.

Jenner went for Egyptian eye makeup for her festival look and looked to be carefree as she watched with Hailey and other friends.

The model made sure to capture every moment as her friend hit the stage.

Jaden surprised everyone by not only performing on top of a suspended car but also bringing Jordyn Woods on stage.

It must have been awkward for Kendall to have seen her family’s nemesis hitting the stage with Jaden Smith.

In case you didn’t know, the Smith family is tight with Jodyn and have been supporting her through the Travis Scott hook-up.  Jaden Smith is the reason why Kylie Jenner and she became best friends.

The girls appeared more than ready for a full weekend of packed-fun during the first week of the Coachella Festival.