Ariana Grande attracted major star power to watch her perform on Stage 1 at the Coachella Music Festival.

Grande became the youngest artist to ever headline the festival, and major celebs like Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, Katy Perry, and Orlando Bloom swarmed to watch her perform on the main stage at the famed music fest.

The stars flocked to stage to hit Ariana’s performance going to any length to watch the history-making show.

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Lil Pump wasn’t about to lose out on watching the young singer on stage as he hopped on top of a muscular buddy to help him get the best view.

Tyga was seen moving towards the stage covering his mouth to check out the weekend’s biggest act.

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Rapper Meek Mill showed up not only to support Ari but also his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, who was due to hit the stage with her.  He was seen walking through the crowd towards the front of the stage during the performance.


It seemed Ari’s favorite spot for the night was reserved for her performance with the four members of ‘NSYNC – Joey Fatone, JC Sanchez, Lance Bass, and Chris KirkpatrickJustin Timberlake did not perform with her, but that didn’t stop her for saying she had been waiting for the moment her whole life.

‘I have bee rehearsing my whole f***ng life for this moment, make some noise for ‘NSYNC’, was her HUGE introduction to her favorite boy band of all time.

Her statement seemed to be true as she knew every step to the choreography to Tearing Up My Heart and appeared to be ecstatic as she performed.

The social-savvy star began the hashtag #arichella to command her spot in Coachella history like Beyonce did last year with #beychella.

(Watch it unfold above)

Only Grande’s performance didn’t go off without a hitch – she had various technical problems including her performance with Nicki Minaj which fell apart when the women couldn’t hear their audio feedback. You see the ladies trying their best to keep the show going, but you can tell Nicki is doing her best not to lose it.

One of Ariana’s biggest fans is newcomer, Billie Eilish, who was spotted dancing on the sidelines while Grande performed and was later seen on social meeting up with her idol.


Overall it was a successful night for Ari, with technical difficulties and all, as the young singer has placed her foothold in Coachella’s most memorable moment’s and made us believe God might indeed be a woman.

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