Boxing legend George Foreman is one lucky man after a golf cart caught fire inside the champ’s garage in Huffman, TX.  This is the same home that stores his massive car collection.

On Sunday night around 10 PM firefighters were called to Foreman’s multimillion dollar estate were flames had broken out. According to authorities no one was seriously injured.

Fire marshal spokeswoman Rachel Moreno reported that the fire was contained to a small area of the building. She went on to say Foreman’s extensive car collection only suffered smoke and water damage. “The fire department did a good job of containing the fire only to the garage,” she said.

George tweeted about the incident saying “Don’t worry all is well, Dogs are barking and I don’t mean my feet. Thanks to all the fire fighters. Huffman, Houston New caney. Atascosita. Al them guy and women.”

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