Yellow Mamba / BACKGRID

Keanu Reeves takes the time to shake hands with a tourist couple in Beverly Hills after revealing some bombshell information about being blacklisted in Hollywood.

He was spotted in his favorite hangout city when two lucky fans saw the star and asked him if they could take a photo.

Instead of just taking the photo, Reeves stopped to shake hands with the fans as they had a short conversation.  He then posed before riding off on his bike.

The ruggedly handsome actor is about to start a whirlwind year as he returns to the big screen with the next installment of the widely popular film John Wick 3 and will begin to film Bill & Ted Face The Music amidst his own sci-fi project.

The star was spotted walking down the street in a black blazer, black v neck, black jeans, and brown lace-up sneakers as he carried his Arch helmet.

He was carrying a large backpack and wore dark shades as he crossed the street.

Keanu recently revealed to GQ magazine that he had been blacklisted from Hollywood when he refused to make the second movie for the massive hit Speed alongside Sandra Bullock.

Instead, the rebel actor decided to do a play, Hamlet in Winnipeg, which would prove to be a dire move for the Hollywood star.

Reeves said that he hasn’t done a studio movie since 47 Ronin in 2013, which didn’t do so well in theaters.

The 54-year-old talked about his favorite thing in life, his motorcycle(s).  He tells GQ that he literally goes into withdrawal when he doesn’t ride his motorcycle and finds everything about riding pleasing.

‘For me, it’s the visceral quality of it, the vibration, the wind, the sound.  And then it’s really a great place to think, to feel, to get away’, he tells the men’s magazine, ‘When I don’t ride a motorcycle, I go through withdrawal.’

His favorite bike is the second motorcycle that he bought in Los Angeles, a 1973 Commando 850 MK2A, because ‘it smells good when it heats up the oil’ and he’s got a lot of miles on the motorcycle.

The truth is that he indeed loves his trusty motorcycles and appears to treat them like old friends.  We can’t remember the last time, if ever, that we saw Reeves in anything but a bike.  Can we confess? We like it that way.


Keanu Reeves is due to hit the big screen on John Wick 3 alongside Halle Berry, and Laurence Fishburne, on May 17.

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