Mark Wahlberg on the set of his latest film project Good Joe Bell directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green of Monsters and Men fame.

The actor created quite the ruckus when he filmed at a local high school and booked real high school students to play extras in the Hollywood production.

The story centers on the real-life story about ‘Oregonian father Joe Bell, who sets out on a walk across the United States with his son, Jadin (Miller)’ and expand awareness about bullying according to Variety. The publication also reveals Connie Britton will be playing opposite Wahlberg.

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Mark looked like a far cry from the clean-cut Hollywood hunk we are used to seeing and more like any old schmo as he appears fuller in the face for the role.

The professional actor kept a smile in spite of a heavy downpour while filming a scene in the middle of nature.  He was seen in a green coat, a green button-down shirt, cargo pants, and trek sneakers.

He shook hands with members of the film crew while on set in Coalville, Utah.

Mark was not only acting but appeared to be also helping direct the project as he spoke to the director during the scene.

He had the locals extremely excited as he agreed to book real-life students for his film and keep his promise at Cyprus High School.

The local news reported the frenzy in the area as students brought their parent’s permission slips in hopes of being picked.

The assistant principal of the school told the CBS local news – “Definitely there’s a different energy here,” said assistant principal Chris Griffiths. “From adults to kids, everybody wants to catch a glimpse of a famous actor or just see how a film is produced.”

Thankfully for them, we’re here to help them get a glimpse of what it’s like behind the scenes, even if they weren’t able to see Walhberg personally while he was in town.

You’re welcome, Cypress High!

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