We’ve seen Martha Stewart do a lot in her career – from baking cookies to ripping jokes at roasts. One thing we had not seen the septuagenarian do until today was man a DJ booth. The 77-year-old queen of the kitchen was photographed getting jiggy with it on a NYC sidewalk.

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Don’t worry she’s not hanging up the apron quite yet. The hostess was only filming a commercial in Manhattan’s West Village. So unfortunately, we don’t recommend booking your tickets to see her live in Ibiza just yet.

Stewart was decked out in a multi-color flashy coat, black slacks and a pair of high heels for the shoot. In the video you see her test her hand at the turn table, but clearly she’ll need to stick to spinning lazy Susans.

Martha has had one of the greatest entertainment careers to date.  Her TV show was a hit and one of the only people to became more loved and famous after a prison stint.

So next question, how do we turn this into a reality? What would her DJ name be?

DJ Spatula? DJ Mixing Bowl? DJ Nasty M? We could go all day with these, but we shouldn’t.

Martha Stewart Photographs the Paparazzi in NY