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More photos coming from the set of Ammonite. This time the shots focused on star of the nineteenth century period drama, Kate Winslet. Winslet stars as the main character, Mary Anning, an all but retired paleontologist living on the English seaside.

In these photos, we’ve got most of the beats of a scene where Anning/Winslet walks outside of her house, takes a few steps of a walk down the street, and then starts to become visibly sick, vomiting discreetly behind a carriage. We can see the camera in a lot of these shots, so we know these are filming stills.

We get a nice look at the scope of movie magic as well. One one side, there are some photos of Winslet, walking around in her full costume, almost a red riding hood look with a mid length red cloak over a deeper scarlet dress. She’s with some production assistants, who are dressed in modern whatever. Then, on the other side, there are some photos of Winslet so deeply in character that we really see the projectile sick coming out of her mouth. Wouldn’t this be something better left to CGI?

Of course, it’s a period piece, and for all we know, it may be completely against director Francis Lee’s method to impose those effects on a story that was supposed to take place two hundred years ago. Still, it seems that since we’ve got the technology, it feels like this is an unpleasantness that the future allows us to avoid.

This set of photos comes after an earlier batch from a few weeks ago, depicting Winslet going through an especially rough time on the beach. Between that scene and the one we’re seeing now, it looks like we’re getting a tone for how wrenching this movie will be. Or maybe they’re just shooting all of the most disturbing scenes first.

Stirring Early Footage of Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan’s ‘Ammonite’


Ammonite, directed and written by Francis Lee, stars Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan, and is now being shot on location in Dorset, England. The exact date of release is yet to be determined.