For those fans of acts superhoic, for those who can’t get enough of the proliferation of superpowered actors that has infected our modern times, you have a treat in store today. She’s not just Batwoman on television, Ruby Rose has showed up in a recent set of photos wearing the Dark Knight’s emblem in real life.

The photos show Rose leaving the gym, on her way to her car – just a check in on a beautiful Los Angeles afternoon. After exchanging steely looks with the camera, she flashes a peace sign and continues on with her day.

In addition to the black t shirt with the as-big-as-t-shirtly-possible Bat symbol on it, Rose is rocking all Nike, all black: shorts, leggings, and sneakers. Along with some snarky lime green socks. All in all, a perfect wardrobe for telling the rest of the gym to back off – she’s competing with heroes who have super strength.

These photos come just days after she was seen filming the Batwoman pilot. HP managed to get pictures of that one as well.

Ruby Rose Gives us Our First Look at Batwoman

Ruby Rose is an Australian model and actress. Most recently she’s been cast in the CW’s upcoming plans for a standalone Batwoman series, but before that she wowed audiences on Orange is the New Black season three. After that run, she had a breakout 2017, with supporting parts in three sequels: the third XxX, the third Pitch Perfect, and the second John Wick.

Word is still out on Batwoman’s first season, but it’s great to see this star rise nonetheless. If things keep going this way, she could become an anchor on the CW’s growing DC-verse, and grow into a formidable action hero.

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