Chris Pine shamelessly rocked his biceps as he welcomed a friend in to hit the weights.

The actor met a friend outside a private gym to bust out some good ol’ fashion “bro time.” A loose fitted white tank hung from his chiseled shoulders. By the looks of those arms, whatever he’s been doing is working!


It’s safe to assume the Outlaw King is making sure to stay fit since Wonder Woman is expect to return with a sequel. However, reports have said you will have to wait until June 2020 for the debut – a big push back since the original November 2019 announcement.

*SPOILER ALERT* Wonder Woman 1984 will, of course, star Gal Gadot. Even though Chris’ character, “Steve Trevor” was supposed to have died in the original, he will also be returning. Presumably as a flashback or as his son.

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine Back on “Wonder Woman 1984” Set

Information hasn’t been released on what to expect from the storyline. Here’s what we do know: Diana Prince is obviously still making sure her identity as a demigoddess superhero is kept quiet. All the while battling great changes happening in the country due to the Cold War. Also, this film is going to be an introduction to a new enemy named “The Cheetah.”

Comedian Kristen Wiig will be taking on Gadot’s new found foe, Connie Nielsen will play her mother “Hippolyta,” and Robin Wright is her deceased aunt “Antiope.”

Well, returned from the dead or not, we welcome Chris and his abs back on the big screen no matter what.

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