Nicolas Cage appears to be slowly morphing into his movie character, Ben Sanders, from Leaving Las Vegas.

The actor, who called it quits on his four-day marriage to Erika Koike, appeared highly intoxicated and was seen singing Purple Rain to a small group of people on Saturday night. 



Cage did an intense version of the song, at times gripping the mic with both hands and screaming into it.

He belted out Prince‘s classic during the emotional performance at a bar at Hotel Miyako in downtown Los Angeles.

The seemingly intoxicated behavior is reminiscent of the character Cage played in the Oscar-winning film, Leaving Las Vegas, about an alcoholic screenwriter who drinks himself into oblivion in the party city.

As if life imitated art, Nicolas seems to be spiraling out of control, like the character in the film, even having a drunken night in Vegas and marrying his girlfriend Erika Koike, only to annul the marriage 4 days later.

As Cage performed the Prince song, he stopped at one point to incoherently ask, ‘Where’s my girlfriend?’, and made the statement ‘I’m never coming back here again!’.

His wife of 4 days, Erika Koike, is reportedly asking for spousal support despite the quick nuptials.

People magazine reports that Koike ‘argues their marriage doesn’t qualify for an annulment but agrees to a divorce’. She also claims she missed out on job opportunities due to her relationship with the actor and that her reputation has suffered.’

In case you missed the film that won Nicolas Cage the Best Actor title during the 1995 Oscars, here’s a clip.