Emily Ratajkowski just got the honor of having a supersized billboard erected on Sunset Blvd — showing off her killer body while selling Rosé. So she decided to share it with the world once again, by sporting a tight little number to go to the beach.

The absolute knock-out wore a daring olive monokini to the beach as she spent the sunny afternoon with her friend laying out.

The model and her pal brought along all the essentials for a perfect beach day including towels and a few snacks including a box of Drink Babe Rosé – the wine-in-a-box that she is promoting along with Instagram personality and company owner, the Fat Jewish.


She laid out on her beach towel, protecting herself from the sun with a wide-brim straw hat and cat-eye sunglasses.  She was also wearing big gold earrings and wore nude lipstick.

The 27-year-old looked flawless as she was standing up revealing her pert derrière after taking her parents to admire her 7-story tall billboard on Sunset Blvd.

“Took mom and dad to see my @drinkbabe billboard with @fatjewish,” the model captioned her post after it was revealed last week.

Emily Ratajkowski: Look Mom and Dad I’m Huge!!

Check her out alongside her family and Josh Ostrovsky as they took pictures while checking it out. Must be insane to see yourself that huge. (HIT LINK ABOVE)

The gorgeous gal is never afraid to let it all hang out – starting her massive popularity by walking around naked in Robin Thicke‘s Blurred Lines music video.  Although the model was catapulted to fame via the sexy video, Ratjkowski has said she regrets doing it.

Before finishing her beach day with her pal, Emily gave her a goodbye air kiss, before leaving the Malibu beach.

The actress was spotted wearing a red sporty ensemble on the same day, looking just as red hot as she did in her plunging bathing suit.

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