YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa was poppin’ as she went out to lunch in her own personalized over-the-top Tesla.

The Dance Moms star looked trendy in her own fashion line, wearing a metallic hot pink club jacket, Poppin’ graphic tee, metallic denim pants, and light grey high top sneakers.

She accessorized her look with pink sunglasses, heart pendant chain, bow earrings, and colorful light-up bow.

The stylish teen was seen with her mom Jessalynn Siwa as the two waited for her customized Tesla at valet.

Siwa’s mom has always been by her daughter’s side throughout her young career and has always believed in her talent as seen on their reality show.

The internet star is now making her way into mainstream media and even Kim Kardashian has joined the JoJo wagon by introducing her to daughter North West who’s an avid fan.

JoJo shared the video of what happened behind closed doors after she met North West and her uber famous mom – it turns out she was doing it for her YouTube channel.

The fun video already has 11 Million views and still counting.  If you are curious, watch above.

The 16-year-old has over 9 million subscribers on YouTube and boasts fashion lines at Kohl’s, Target, and JCPenny.

The media-savvy teenager was wearing her new line at JCPenny on this day and took the opportunity to tell her 8.2 Million followers on Instagram about it.

She told her fans, ‘I Love this new jacket and shirt so much!  It’s from my new Sweet Celebrations Collation at JCPenney! The bow even lights up! All of it is available exclusively at JcPenneys!’.

Besides being highly talented in the fashion game, this young lady boss is a popular pop singer.  Her latest single BOP is already at 6 million views and has only been out 2 months.

If there is anything to take away from all of this, it’s that JoJo Siwa is on top of her game and is only getting more popular.

Whether you love her or hate her, expect to see her everywhere.

JoJo Siwa – 16th Birthday Includes New Tesla and North West Hang Out