Kate Middleton and Pipa Middleton‘s little brother James Middleton may get the least amount of attention in the family, but a basket of dogs can sure change that. The royal-adjacent celebrity was seen out cruising through the streets of London with his pooches on board.

The 32-year-old is an avid dog lover and makes his pups the focus of his social media. So it’s no surprise to see the Londoner wheeling around with a bike and a home-make looking giant basket to hold his furry friends.


James Middleton Enjoying Some Beach PDA with a New Girl in St. Barts

James made headlines earlier this year after making his Instagram page public to the world and quickly racked up over 100k followers.  Shortly after James opened up about his battle with depression penning a op-ed for the Daily Mail recounting his darkest moments before seeking treatment more than a year ago.


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The ever growing ? pack

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In the write-up he said “During the day I’d drag myself up and go to work, then just stare with glazed eyes at my computer screen, will the hours to tick by so I could drive home again.”

James seems to be in a much better place in life these days. His social media account is covered in smiling photos and images of his dogs enjoying life with the bachelor.

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