R. Kelly has met defeat, for now, in one of the sexual abuse cases brought against him.

The singer lost the Heather Williams sexual abuse civil case against him after he failed to show up to court for the hearing.

Heather Williams described how she met R. Kelly and claims she was walking down the street on her 16th birthday when she and her mom were approached by Kelly who was driving down the street.  He later sent an associate to meet with the young teen and her mom at a restaurant when he handed them a business card.  Her mom took the card but the young teen found it in her purse and contacted R. Kelly.

From that point, the alleged abuse began and kept happening once a month until she was an adult.

TMZ reports ‘Williams’ attorney, Jeffrey Deutschman, initially fired off a legal letter in an effort to settle out of court [with R.Kelly]. But, they got no response from Kelly’s team so they forged ahead with the lawsuit’.

The troubled singer was spotted outside his luxury apartment at Trump Tower in Chicago an appeared to be downcast according to our eyewitness.  Kelly looked through his cell phones as his friend stood by.

He was sitting down wearing a maroon beanie, gray pullover with a dead bunny, plaid shirt, printed white jeans, and blue high top sneakers.  His unique pants appeared to have printed hand-drawings of a bicycle, a basketball, and other figurines.

The eyewitness says he stepped outside around 11 pm and was taking a smoke break after he lost the sexual battery case against Heather Williams for failing to show up to court.  Coincidentally, this is the same Trump Tower where the alleged victim’s lawyer attempted to serve R. Kelly but couldn’t get past security because the place is locked down like Fort Knox.

He was seen handling phone calls as he smoked his cigar.  The singer appeared to be busy on his calls at late hours of the night and seemed to have a lot on his mind.


R. Kelly is claiming that he was so ‘overwhelmed’ with his legal troubles that he had no idea what he was reading after he got served papers in jail and didn’t know how to handle the situation.  His lawyer Brian Nix told TMZ – “R. Kelly was served while incarcerated on the child support case and he was overwhelmed by the experience of being in jail.”

Nix is trying to get the default judgment tossed so that they can fight it out in court.  Regardless, R.Kelly is still on the hook for 10 counts of sexual abuse case from the case that stemmed Williams lawsuit, to begin with.


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