Maluma is riding high right now – he just debuted his collab Madellín with Madonna where he gets his toe licked by the superstar and he’s now working on a music video in Los Angeles ahead of his Billboard performance.

The singer was photographed on the set of his next music video looking fierce alongside some hot ladies and paint splattered throne.

The 25-year-old Latin heartthrob was wearing racing apparel in yellow, black, and red and black combat boots.

He accessorized his cool look with round metal sunglasses, gold jewelry, and a luxury watch.

The artist looked to be on top of the world as he sat on his mobile throne surrounded by beautiful ladies as he shot his latest project.

Maluma made headlines after the Medellín music video with Madonna was released where he finds himself being rangled in by her and later gets his toe licked by the legendary songstress.

The racy music video has already been watched more than 13 Million times since it’s debut earlier this week and is Madonna’s biggest hit in a while.

Besides the toe licking, the lyrics are quite racy.  In one of the verses, Maluma tells Madonna – ‘I am sorry, I know you are Madonna but I am going to show you how this dog is going to love you.’

It is unknown what music video Maluma was working on in Los Angeles but we hope it’s racy as Medellín.

Fittingly enough, Maluma was born in Medellín, Columbia and appears to be where the idea for Madonna’s music video came from.  It is also the birthplace of Pablo Escobar.

The muscular singer can be found at the Billboard Music Awards where he will be performing Medellín alongside Madonna.  It is rumored Madonna spent $5 Million dollars to put on the performance that is pegged to be once-in-a-lifetime.

The BBMAs can be seen on NBC on Wednesday May 1 at 8 PM or you can stream it live here!

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