Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner surprised the world by getting married at Chapel L’amour by an Elvis impersonator after attending the Billboard Music Awards 2019.



Joe Jonas looked delighted to be marrying his GOT fiancée at Chapel L’Amour inside the ‘A Little White Wedding Chapel‘ where both Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas were present for the vows.

The young couple appeared thrilled at the altar with both smiling ear-to-ear.  It remains unclear if it was done as a spur-of-the-moment event or there was some planning done for their epic wedding.

Sophie went for an unconventional gown and white veil for her big day while Joe Jonas wore a dark suit and white flower boutonniere He was seen smiling at his blushing bride in the live stream that DJ Diplo did while they got married.

Diplo shared the surprising turn of events on Instagram Live – 2 hours after the Billboard Awards ended and if there was an afterparty to go to, this was it.

This appears to be the first LIVE celebrity wedding in a Las Vegas chapel, too bad no one was around when Britney Spears got married.  The famous DJ couldn’t help himself while the wedding was taking place and had fun with Instagram filters as the vows took place.

He put doggy ears on Joe Jonas as he took his vows and later dressed up Elvis in his own pair.

The Elvis impersonator managed to keep a straight face as he wed the uber famous couple in ‘A Little White Wedding Chapel‘ that’s had Britney Spears, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prince Jr., Frank Sinatra, and Mia Farrow get married there.

The wedding was full of Elvis jokes and the wedding attendee’s appeared to be having a blast.  BTW, it appears Sophie’s wedding ring was a candy Ring Pop.

At one point, the actress was asked to grab her wedding bouquet and we got a glimpse of her romantic dress that featured a low cut top and sheer bottom.  She wore her hair down and sported a long white veil.

Nick Jonas assisted the couple by handing Sophie her wedding bouquet and nearly got down on one knee to present it to the bride.


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The glorious event ended with the couple jumping up and down with joy with Sophie appearing delighted to finally be married to her man.

If you are wondering if Sophie Turner will be taking Joe’s last name, wonder no more, she would like to be referred to as Sophie Belinda Jonas according to her official wedding license.

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