YouTube Stars Dawson Gurley and Steven Schapiro were seen grabbing some grub in LA this week and appeared a bit caught off guard when they were spotted by the paparazzi. By the looks of it, this was their first encounter with the paps.

The duo behind The Daily Dropout was out to dinner at Izaka-ya sushi restaurant in Hollywood wearing douchey matching Champion t-shirts for a bros night out.


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By the looks of Dawson’s Rolex, YouTube success is paying off for the 25-year-old. Not only is the guy behind Big Daws TV rolling with a major timepiece, but he’s also building a new massive house in Arizona. He didn’t want to admit the square footage on camera but did say Logan Paul still has him beat with his 8,000+ square foot mega-mansion in Los Angeles.

As for what he’s doing with all his loot, you might be shocked. The married YouTuber and soon-to-be dad surprised us by saying he’s investing, saving, and putting a bunch away for retirement.  Not exactly what we are used to hearing from young people these days.

Schapiro, on the other hand, is living up the bachelor life right now.  If you’ve ever seen his videos, there’s a lot of picking up girls and getting phone numbers.  The real question is he keeping those numbers off camera. With no wife or kids on the way, his DMs must be swamped with interested ladies. He did admit he’s gone on dates with a few of the girls he pranked but isn’t opposed to actually dating one.  So if you’re a subscriber, you might want to hit him up, he seems down to date fans.

One of the funniest parts of the interview came when Steven was asked if he could date any celeb who would it be. His first answer was Megan Fox, but she’s married. Then he said Miley Cyrus, who’s also married.  So after a few swings and misses, he settled on Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston. Basically, he wants Brad Pitt’s life.

Here’s what we love about YouTubers, they aren’t jaded yet. They’ll sit and talk to photogs for as long as necessary. We appreciate it, don’t change guys.

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