It was an unforgettable night when Katy Perry showed up at the 2019 Met Gala afterparty wearing a hamburger as a dress, Jared Leto showed up carrying his own decapitated head, and Kim Kardashian showed up drenched in crystals and latex.

Katy Perry looked downright like a snack when she was approached by Celine Dion at the Met Gala afterparty and the singer just had to hold on to her buns.

The famous artists looked to be having fun with the Met Gala’s theme, Camp: Notes on Fashion, in honor of Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay, Notes on “Camp”, and not the outdoor activity of sitting around a bonfire.

Katy was having so much fun with the outlandish theme that she completely didn’t foresee how difficult it would be to get into a vehicle wearing a hamburger.

Watch the video to see her trying to get inside her van only to topple as she tried to make her way inside.  The moment is classic!

If you don’t know what Notes on “Camp” is — it’s the love of exaggerated, over-the-top fashion, and doesn’t necessarily focus on beauty but rather the love of ‘the unnatural, of artifice and exaggeration‘.

Hence Katy Perry’s outlandish Hamburger dress and Celine Dion’s need to have a piece of it.  But just because Celine Dion loved it, doesn’t mean everybody else did.

Jennifer Lopez looked downright confused when she ran into Katy Perry as she was changing into her Hamburger dress and was left speechless as she walked by.  The moment is priceless (watch above).

It was Jared Leto‘s turn next to surprise Met Gala afterparty attendees when he showed up in a luminescent pussy bow, purple latex pants, and luminescent boots carrying his own gorgeous head.

The scene would be disturbing, except Jared is so good looking he distracts from the obvious, the fact that he is carrying around his own severed head!  No worries though because everyone still wanted to pose with him including Canadian crooner Shawn Mendes who had some fun with him on the red carpet.

Kim Kardashian had a Bo Derek moment when she arrived at her afterparty drenched in crystal braids reminiscent of Derek’s famous braid look in the movie ‘10‘.

She looked over-the-top in her headgear wearing a matching crystal blue latex dress, blue latex fingerless gloves, and latex high heel boots.

Kylie Jenner wore a turquoise cut-out gown with a feather tail and aquamarine hair as she arrived at Met Gala afterparty.

She looked dazzling in the unique attire and made sure to share with her Instagram followers every detail.

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The Met Gala night this year was unforgettable with its over-the-top fashion and celebrities showing up for it in their most daring outfits.  Katy Perry definitely takes the prize for the biggest snack of the night but how can we pick when they were all so ‘camp’.

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