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Australian singer-songwriter and drummer for 5 Seconds of Summer, Ashton Irwin, was seen out getting all touchy-feely over lunch with his gal, Kaitlin Blaisdell.

The two have reportedly been dating since way back in October of 2017, but never really confirmed whether or not they were actually an item for the longest time.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen them out together on numerous occasions but this might be the first time we are seeing them getting touchy in public.

As the couple enjoyed a few cold drinks from Alfred’s in LA, you can see Kaykay reach over and put her arms around Ashton as they sat at the table.

Ashton was out with his signature red hair wearing workout gear and his sunglasses. Kaitlin was dressed similarly in head-to-toe black workout wear accompanied by some gold chains around her neck.

Here’s what we know about Kaitlin… she’s one of the former fashion bloggers behind the Sugar & Spice blog. She’s originally from Texas and made her way to LA to pursue her dreams. Thanks to her blog, she picked up some pretty awesome photography gigs which allowed her to meet some awesome famous people.  She gave a TEDx talk back in the day with her blogging partner, Madeline Becker, on the transition of their business. She’s also been featured in Teen Vogue for their creative blogging style.

Basically, she’s had a pretty successful career prior to Ashton coming into the picture.  She’s since closed up shop on Sugar & Spice and their business social media pages have gone dormant but her sense of style has remained.

Best of luck to these two.