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Britney Spears spotted behind the wheel of her white Mercedes G-Wagon after her mom Lynne Spears requests to be informed about her care.

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The pop singer, who has been under her father’s conservatorship for 11 years, looked alert as she drove. Her bodyguard rode shotgun as she cruised around her neighborhood.  Spears looked to have disheveled hair but overall appeared happy to be in charge of driving as she tapped her fingers on the driving wheel while preparing to make a left turn.

It’s been said that one of the reasons why Britney was initially sent to a mental facility was because her father Jamie found out that she had been driving and texting while she was out with her boyfriend Sam Asaghari and not one of her handlers — both things she’s not allowed to do under the conservatorship.  She was also displaying odd behavior reminiscent of her mental breakdown in 2007.

Lynne’s move to be more involved with Britney’s care comes after #FREEBRITNEY movement began to trend on social media with fans believing she was drugged and held against her will.

Britney Spears Spotted For the First Time in Months, Not Being Held Against Her Will

Both claims turned out to be false after Britney Spears was spotted enjoying a day with her boyfriend at the ultra-luxurious Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills where she spent several hours with him catching up during a break from her mental facility on Easter Sunday.

Britney Spears Steps Out of Treatment for Froyo Run

Britney was seen later in the week making a stop to grab Go Greek Yogurt where she appeared completely fine.  According to our source, she told her security to get her cell phone while asking another handler to grab her a frozen treat.  That same weekend she was released from the mental health facility and moved back to her home.

Holy Moly Britney Spears Looks Amazing! Officially Out of Treatment

Her mother Lynne does not want the responsibility of her caretaker, but wishes to be informed about her daughter’s care and has hired her own lawyer.  According to TMZ, she’s demanding that her ex-husband inform her on everything going on with their daughter including her medical treatment.  However, people in Britney’s team fear that she might create a bigger problem since she has a history of letting her daughter do things even if they are detrimental to her health to get on her good side, something her father will not do.

The big showdown will happen at the courthouse on Friday when Lynne Spears, Jamie Spears, and the court will decide what is best for Britney Spears.