Well, this isn’t something you see every day.  Shia LaBeouf stepped out of his house for a little exercise wearing, well, not much.

The Transformers actor was photographed in his skivvies walking through the streets of LA on Wednesday.


A few fans spotted the star and asked for a photo with the stripped down celeb. LaBeouf obliged and posed in his sweaty grey boxer briefs.  Other than the underoos, Shia was sporting a pair of black Nike socks, some running shoes, and his earphones.

Let us not pass over the fact that his massive torso tattoo was in plain view.  Ya, the one that says “creeper” across his stomach.  The controversial tattoo was first spotted on Shia in April of this year and had many wondering if he was doing it for a movie role. It seems this questionable choice goes along with his tattoos of Missy Elliot, which the actor has said he doesn’t even care for.

Shia is not one to be shy in a pair of underwear, after all, he danced his way through Sia‘s Elastic Heart video with Maddie Ziegler.  However, seeing him taking a jog around his neighborhood in his boxers and nothing else even seems a stretch, even for the Honey Boy creator.

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