Leave it to Cardi B to show up to one of the fanciest department stores in Beverly Hills wearing a bathrobe and a hair wrap.  The rapper was spotted with her hubby Offset at Barneys New York after he was involved in a scary drive-by-shooting incident in Atlanta.

The hot mama, who just released her second fashion line with Fashion Nova, opted to wear a white robe, a Burberry scarf wrapped around her head, and slip-on mink slippers to browse at the designer handbags and other high-end goods.

Barney’s New York appears to have opened up their massive store to Cardi and Offset so the two could go shopping uninterrupted.  She was seen trying on shoes as she walked around the handbag section of the store.

Offset was pictured strolling through the department store browsing at merchandise but seemed to have a serious demeanor as he walked around.  It’s not surprising as he recently escaped a drive-by-shooting at an Atlanta studio where he was working.

The Migos member was spotted wearing a Balenciaga black hoodie, zippered denim pants, grey and yellow sneakers, and a Christian Dior backpack. He was seen at the men’s department as Cardi browsed alongside him.

The rapper appeared downcast as he shopped with his wife who looked as if she stepped out of her bathroom and into the department store.

Just because Cardi B wanted to shop in comfort, doesn’t mean she wanted to be photographed doing it; the candid entertainer covered her face as she was exiting in hopes of avoiding being caught on camera.

Offset looked to be surprised but did not attempt to cover his famous mug — however, he’s got bigger problems than being photographed at the moment.

According to reports, there is an arrest warrant out for the singer by Sandy Springs Police.  If you recall a fan spotted the rapper buying a stroller at Target in Atlanta the beginning of May.  The filming pissed off the rapper and he ended up smacking the $800 iPhone right out of the fan’s hand shattering the screen.

The famous couple left with the help of a huge entourage who loaded their purchases inside their Ferrari before driving off.


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