Justin Bieber appears to be on the up-and-up as he’s spotted after his Ed Sheeran collaboration, I Don’t Care, hits #1 in the UK and around the world.

The happy singer was photographed smiling while leaving his apartment in NYC as it’s announced his latest release is already hitting number #1 around the world and it hasn’t been released for a full 24-hours.

Bieber was dressed in a two-tone blue hoodie, white tee, camouflage pants, and black sneakers.

Justin Bieber Returns from Vacation in the Bahamas and Reveals Ed Sheeran Music Release

Sheeran and himself had been teasing the release for a few weeks and it looks like their plan might have just worked out.

Justin has always been a fan of Ed Sheeran and a collab idea was brought up a long time ago but it seems the two famous dudes just found some time to finally put their talents at work and have come up with a winning solution.

Justin Shared a video of himself doing a Z100 interview back in the day when he spots Ed Sheeran walking by, instead of ignoring the young star, Ed stopped and met up with Bieber.  The two were asked why not collab which at the time it seemed Sheeran was not too sure but has obviously come around to the idea.

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Fan sites are keeping tabs and well by the looks of it, Ed and Justin, are a perfect pair.

Hopefully, this is the push Justin needs to get back in the studio and do what he loves to do the most — create some chart-topping music!


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