Jussie Smollett‘s stunt got him all the fame he was wanting, but these days the actor is doing more hiding than public appearances.

Smollett was pictured stepping out in New York as the fate of his role on Empire is still uncertain.


Jussie went incognito in a grey peacoat covering his black hoodie, a pair of sunglasses and a beanie as he strolled out of an NYC building.

Fox recently released a statement announcing the hip-hop drama was renewed for a sixth season but added there were “no plans” for Smollett’s character, Jamal, to return to the series in the fall.

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However, the network left the door open for his return by also announcing they had negotiated an extension on Smollett’s option.

If you ask us – Fox wants to see how next season’s ratings go, and if they are suffering, well, what better way to strum up publicity than bringing Smollett back on.

This decision buys the network a bunch of time to decide what to do with Jussie. Let’s not forget, this is a man that orchestrated a fictional hate crime in the streets of Chicago and wasted thousands of taxpayers dollars in the process hoping for publicity and a bigger paycheck from Fox.

If we were his boss, no way in hell we’d hire him back on, but we aren’t Fox and sometimes publicity outweighs rational decisionmaking skills, refer to the last paragraph for proof.

We’d wish him luck, but we wouldn’t mean it.

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