Miley Cyrus looks ultra chic in Chanel as she exits a building in NYC after announcing a new album release with ‘She Is Coming‘.

The trendy singer wore a patent leather newsboy cap, Chanel#5 tee, wide-leg jeans, and Converse sneakers.

She finished her fashionable look with a pair of white Chanel sunglasses, Chanel gold necklaces including her favorite one with a replica bottle of the designer’s COCO perfume. She also wore silver and gold cuffs, and a hot pink Chanel granny handbag.  Basically, Chanel is her favorite thing in the world.

Miley just dropped a bomb when she gave fans the heads-up that her newest music release is just around the corner.

The pop singer teased the new album by simply saying ‘She Is Coming‘.  It is unclear if that is the actual name for her new LP but it seems likely contender.

Cyrus shared a picture of herself at a studio the day we got her wearing her chic Chanel outfit and has said that she’s played the music for some lucky industry insiders and they absolutely love it.

What we can tell you about her latest music is that is going to have a lot of Mark Ronson which she has confirmed to iHeart Radio.  We really enjoyed Nothing Breaks Like a Heart and 1.5 Million people agree with us.

We eagerly count down the days until we can hear Miley’s newest creation, she promises She Is Coming May 30, 2019.