Chris Pratt always seems to prove how he’s the most down-to-earth relatable star in Hollywood, and his Wednesday workout was no exception.

The A-list actor was spotted enjoying a boot camp session at his gym in Los Angeles with a giant group of people that all stepped outside to get their fitness on in the beautiful Cali sun.


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Star-Lord was pictured getting sweaty in a green top, baseball hat and sporting knee braces for the activity. At one point you see the massive group of people whip out their cameras as they cheer each other on during the intense training.

You would think that a celebrity of his level would be using his own private gym or doing one-on-one sessions with a trainer in a private facility, but that’s just not the case.

Pratt left his ego at the door and trained with the rest of the group outside as paparazzi caught every moment of the action.

The Avengers: Endgame star has been going to this gym for months now and we are used to seeing him ham it up with cameras on the way out.

Chris is probably getting in shape since him and his fiance Katherine Schwarzenegger are gearing up for their big wedding. There’s no exact date for when the nuptials are going down, at least that we are aware of, but we have to imagine it’s coming up in the near future.

Schwarzenegger already had her bridal shower so it would be unusual to throw such an extravagant party and not follow it up with a wedding shortly after.

Chris, keep being awesome.

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