Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien is back to fighting off wild creatures on the set of his new flick Monster Problems in Australia.

O’Brien is currently on Australia’s Gold Coast filming his next adventure flick.  IMDB describes the movie’s plot as “A young man learns how to survive a monster apocalypse with the help of an expert hunter.”


Dylan was dressed in dirty clothes, a bandaged arm and looked to be fighting off one hell of a monster.

During the scene, O’Brien’s legs were tethered to stunt cables which whisked him into the air upsidedown as his co-star screamed her face off.  His character however was able to hold onto his gun as he got pulled up.

According to some reports, some of the monsters in the film are believed to be ‘giant frogs and spiders along with other weird hybrid creations.’

Dylan has been filming for the last little bit down under. Last week he was spotted doing battle with imaginary beasts during a similar campsite beach scene.

Back in February, the Courier Mail put out a story saying the filmmakers behind the project had been ‘lured to Brisbane’ because of the very lucrative $7.7 million federal government incentive.  It’s also believed that production started a few months ago at the new $12 million Screen Queensland studios there.

If it’s an apocalypse film with Dylan in it… we’re in, however, we’re all gonna have to wait. The movie doesn’t hit theatres till 2020.

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