Danielle Bregoli AKA Bhad Bhabie and NLE Choppa shoot a music video by the ocean in Pacific Palisades wearing hot outfits and lots of bling.

The young rapper looks great as she got ready to film her music video wearing a cropped hot pink top, hot pink high-waist pants, a fur cropped jacket, and transparent ankle-tie heels. She later changed into a lime green cropped top and black skinny pants paired with black boots as NLE Choppa was dressed in a white denim jacket, white jeans, and lime green sneakers.

Bhabie wore some serious bling for her shoot, sporting a huge diamond-encrusted gold chain with a name pendant and showed-off her flower tattoo sleeve as her jacket slipped off her shoulders.

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The young singer hopped onto the Bhad Bhabie lemonade truck and it seems she was serving some bad bitches on the menu.

NLE Choppa hopped on top of the Lemonade truck to help Bhabie sell her goods for the hot music video.

The lemonade truck was called ‘Get Like Me’ and it’s unclear if that is the name of the song for the music video or just a catchy phrase.

The hip 16-year-old wore hot pink tresses to match her outfit and looked like a superstar as she was photographed on set.

Danielle is not just successful in music but has also joined the ranks of Kylie Jenner to have her very own makeup line.  She signed a deal to partner with Copycat makeup that left people stunned at nearly $1 Million dollars.

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cat pac 12 available now at @copycatbeauty lil bich ?

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At first, it seemed Bhad Bhadie was just a fad like other stars that have risen to fame quickly, only to fall just as fast, but Danielle seems to be here for the long run.

She has only been famous for about 3 years since the release of the Dr. Phil episode in 2016, but Danielle Bregoli is already leaving her mark in pop culture.

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Bich get u some money

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As she told her 16.4 Million Instagram followers — “Bitch get u some money”.

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