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Britney Spears looking vibrant after a fun weekend with boyfriend Sam Asghari after the two spent time together in Los Angeles.  The pop princess appeared happy as she strutted herself to her car, carrying what she reportedly wanted the most — an iPhone.

There had been various reports that Britney wanted a smartphone, but was denied. We can clearly show you that is not the case.  The southern belle seems to have gotten her way with dad Jamie Spears as she happily flipped through her pink Apple iPhone after running errands with her bodyguard.

The singer had a giggle when she had a hard time getting into her car and even joked with the photographers, “tight squeeze, here”.  She was asked if she had any messages for her fans which she responded with “I love you, guys!” and “see you”.

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It seems the pop princess wants to make it clear to her fans and that she’s behind the wheel when it comes to her daily life and her father Jamie helps her on her business affairs.  Her team coincides with Britney, according to TMZ, who said — ‘She’s free to come and go as she pleases, with certain restrictions’.

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The 37-year-old appeared to be on the up-and-up as she smiled for the cameras, looking better than ever.  She paired her 90’s look with a tan handbag and her favorite pink mirrored aviator sunglasses.

Spears looks to be in the best of moods after spending the weekend with her 25-year-old boyfriend Sam Asghari who seems to be her rock.  The two went on a shopping trip to an outlet mall in Camarillo and were later seen going out to dinner.

Britney Spears seems to be doing so well and showing her fans that they don’t need to worry about her as she told them on her video post-rehab — “You may not know this about me, but I am strong and stand up for what I want!”

There is only one thing to say, Preach, Sister! Preach!

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