Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber grab breakfast in WeHo after Iceland blames the singer for over-tourism over the release of his I’ll Show You music video.

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The matching couple looked to be in a good place in their relationship as Justin reached over to hold on to his wife’s hand as they headed to the restaurant.  The couple opted to dine al fresco on the sunny morning in Los Angeles.

Justin sported a light grey Deus beanie, oversized white jersey, red baggy sweatpants, and white Nike sneakers stamped with ‘Off-White for Nike’ while Hailey wore a San Jose Sharks blue jersey, black lycra shorts, and white sneakers.

The singer was seen showing Hailey his binder with Drew stickers stamped all over the front as the twosome walked down the sidewalk.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber Leave but Not Without His Pillow!

Bieber’s massive fame seems to have gotten the best of him again as Iceland blames the pop singer for creating havoc in Fjadrárgljúfur canyon.

Justin is being blamed for the downfall of the Icelandic ecosystem near the canyon since he filmed his Ill Show You music video there.

The music video depicts Justin running through the mossy hills, bathing in the ice cold waters, and hanging off a cliff. Since the release of the music video in 2015, Iceland’s tourism to the fragile area has had one million extra visitors.

For a chance to recreate Bieber’s epic scenes at the canyon, the public is ignoring the signs and fences put up since the release of the music video to protect natural resources — “The vulnerable landscape cannot sustain more visitors”, was what the park rangers told AP.

In Justin’s defense, the area was relatively unknown before he filmed his music video and no signs or fences were present before he filmed.  So in truth, he did it without realizing the impact it would have in the local environment but it seems whether he knew it or not, he is causing major havoc in the area.


Thankfully for Justin Bieber in his latest music video with Ed Sheeran, I Don’t Care, the pop singer travels around the world but no one can blame him for ruining the environment since the traveling is done via green screen.

The funny music video was released last Friday and it’s already amassed over 32 Million views!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber at Spa Before I Don’t Care Music Video Release