Victoria Beckham and David Beckham make a stylish pair as they head out of town on the Eurostar train in London after he’s banned from driving for 6 mos.

David looked like a gentleman as he carried their luggage which included a designer Louis Vuitton briefcase.  He was dressed in a green suede jacket, white tee, tan pants, and burgundy lace-up boots for the train ride.

Victoria looked ultra chic in a black cardigan with large buttons, black leggings, and white pointy heels. She wore dark shades as she followed her hubby sporting a gold watch and a white tote.

David is currently banned from driving cars in the UK after he was photographed using his phone while driving.  The soccer player was in the middle of slow-moving traffic when he decided to use his phone while behind the wheel.

The soccer star was photographed committing the offense that his lawyer says he has “no recollection of the day in question or this particular incident”.  However, he took full responsibility for the mater and was handed an extra 6 points on his driving record.

According to BBC, ‘It’s against the law in the UK to hold a phone while driving, although hands-free devices are allowed. It’s punishable by six penalty points on your license and a £200 fine – but, depending on the seriousness of the offense, you can also be taken to court to face more severe penalties’.

With already 6 points for speeding on his record, David was banned from driving for six months. The thing he regrets about the ban is he won’t be able to drive his children to school and regrets depriving them of that.