Halsey and beau Yungblud return from a vacation in Mexico with cornrows and a broken toe after the singer tried to save a butterfly in the jungle.

The butterfly lover arrived back in the U.S. makeup free and sporting a new hairdo.  She was wearing a hot pink cropped tank, white sweatpants, and brown slip-on sandals.

Yungblud walked closely behind her sporting pink streaks in his hair, black hoodie, black slacks, black socks, and combat boots.  He had a murse strapped around his shoulder as he carried a second black bag.

Halsey arrived with her toe bandaged up after revealing that she accidentally broke it by trying to save a butterfly in the jungle.

The 24-year-old told her followers — “I was trying to save a hurt butterfly in the jungle.  I broke my toe. turns out the butterfly was already dead.”

The good-hearted artist was carrying a bottle of water, a straw mini purse, a jacket, and her iPhone, and had a friend help carry her pink Chanel bag.

The young musicians seem to be inseparable nowadays; traveling with each other whenever they can and supporting each other’s projects by simply showing up.

Yungblud and Halsey Dining at Rao’s Before Leaving on Tour

Halsey is also showing up for women in the USA who are at risk of losing their right to choose as several states ban abortion in a stunning and seemingly unconstitutional move.

She posted a video on her IG with ‘Abortion is a constitutional right’ and her thoughts on the matter. The singer is asking her 13.7 Million followers to stand with her and help #stopthebans and is also reminding them they still can get an abortion legally if they so choose.

Halsey is set to perform at the iHeart Wango Tango music festival on June 5 alongside Taylor Swift and Jonas Brothers in Los Angeles.

Halsey and Yungblud – Feeling the Music and Each Other at Coachella