Jeffree Star brings his sick customized pink Lamborghini to Ulta after reviewing Kylie Skin and calling it ‘basic’.

The YouTube star arrived in style ready to review Juvias Place foundation in his one-of-a-kind Lambo before leaving town to go on a vacation.

He wore minimal makeup while sporting a black tracksuit and white sneakers as he was being filmed to do his review of Juvias.

The makeup mogul, who boasts 15 million subscribers on YouTube, went on a mini shopping spree in the beauty store to presumably review the items purchased.


Jeffree Star has an ongoing battle with the Kardashian’s, namely Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner after he told his millions of subscribers to ‘stop giving a f**k’ about the reality family.

At the time, he weighed in on the Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods scandal and called them out for being professional actors.

He passionately told his audience, ‘Girl, we gotta all as people stop giving a f**k about these idiots’.  He went on to say that he knows a lot of people in the industry and that according to his sources, Tristan and Jordyn had been hooking up for a month before the kissing incident.

As much as Jeffree might dislike the public’s obsession with the Kardashian’s, his own followers begged the makeup expert to weigh in on Kylie Skin.

His review for Kylie Skin immediately started trending on YouTube after the star called her skincare line ‘basic’.

Mr. Diva, as he likes to call himself, started the video review by saying he had no beef with the Kardashian’s and that he planned to do a legit review on the beauty items without having a bias.

However, that was more easily said than done, because at the end of the day he ended up ripping into Kylie’s skincare and besides calling it ‘basic’ and saying he was not really impressed, he also said it’s overpriced.

He ended his sought after review with saying that he would be using Kylie’s makeup wipes to pickup up his dogs s**t and the line was NOT Jeffree Star approved.

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