Kylie Jenner shows off her most famous asset while doing a sexy beachside photo shoot wearing a taupe thong bikini and sheer coverup in Malibu.

The sexy photo shoot had Kylie in the ocean wearing an earth-tone thong bikini while sporting a sheer long-sleeve tied top and asymmetrical skirt with sequins.

It’s unclear who Kylie was posing for but the billionaire looked drop-dead gorgeous as she did her beachside shoot with her long hair in a half-ponytail while sporting drop earrings and gold rings.

Her booty looked on point as the waves rolled in while she stood in the water striking her best pose.  Her legs were covered in dark bruises but otherwise, she appeared flawless as she slowly walked out of the ocean.

The reality star seemed to have one requirement for the photo shoot and that was to have a full-length mirror with her at all times so that she can find her best angle.

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Kylie even had a water spritzing assistant to make sure she had the right amount of water droplets cascading down her perfectly toned body.

The mom of Stormi Webster looked determined to find the perfect rock to use as a prop during her Malibu beachside shoot.

She made the job of posing seductively on top of a slippery rock look easy and she certainly found the perfect vantage point to highlight her assets.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was recently brought down to her knees when her baby Stormi suffered an allergic reaction and had to have a brief hospital stint due to complications.

She revealed the frightening incident on her IG stories telling her followers — “spent the day in the hospital with my baby. She had an allergic reaction but is 100% okay now and we are home”.

The experience left the Billionaire mom shook and has inspired her to help other parents with fewer means to get help with their sick children.

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Jenner has been weathering a storm lately with people coming after her for her newest business endeavor — Kylie Skin.

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First, the skincare line was criticized for using walnuts in their scrub which has been proven to do more damage than good when exfoliating the skin.

Then the one and only, Jeffree Star, gave the skincare line a negative review and even called it ‘basic’ and claiming his harsh criticism was not because of their alleged beef but because it just wasn’t a good product for the price point.

Now, she’s also being accused of calling her line ‘vegan’ because  at first glance it seemed to have animal products, but the theory was debunked by Cosmopolitan who went through the ingredient list and claims it actually is 100% vegan.

It seems everyone and their mom is coming after Kylie Jenner but being the world’s youngest self-made millionaire, it’s no wonder why.  She seems ready to take on anybody who comes after her family, except Jordyn Woods, who she’s allegedly on the mends with and working on fixing their broken friendship.

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