Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are handling their split very differently. Shayk stepping out in public appearing happy, while Cooper looks devastated.

The Russian model was spotted the day the news broke getting pampered at a nail salon in Brentwood with a giant smile on her face as she chatted on her cell.

Shayk indulged in a tension relieving back massage as she scrolled through her phone during the pedicure.

The statuesque 5’10” model appears to be doing just fine despite ending her 4-year relationship with the movie star.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Spotted After his Steamy Oscars Performance

Bradley and Irina’s relationship was plagued by infidelity rumors over the last few months as headlines speculated Cooper might have fallen for his A Star is Born co-star, Lady Gaga.

For the record, both sides have vehemently denied the rumors repeatedly saying the two actors are only friends.

Shayk sported a long-sleeve turtleneck knit sweater, a black accordion long skirt, and black combat boots.  She slicked her hair back and was just carrying a small blue wallet and her iPhone as she walked back to her car.

Meanwhile, Bradley was on parenting duties for the day and was spotted taking his adorable daughter Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper to a friend’s house in LA.

The Star is Born director looked to be downcast as he drove his daughter in his Mercedes G-Wagon sporting his signature backward cap, aviator sunglasses, and a crew neck shirt.

The day prior, the actor looked caught-in-thought as he was leaving a friend’s house in Malibu, holding a coffee cup and biting his lip.  He wore a baseball cap, a tan v neck sweater, black pants, and sporty sneakers for that day.

Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk, and Lea Have Super Adorable Day at the Park

On May 28th, the couple took their tot to a park and seemed to be doing their best to co-parent without showing any strain in the relationship.

They seemed determined to keep life normal for Lea as they held hands with her and walked to the baseball field where they played as a family for a while.

Within days of their family park day, rumors began to swirl once again that the Hollywood power couple was the brink of a split. According to the New York Post, they were ‘hanging on by a thread’.

Irina Shayk and Lea Cooper Share Embrace Amidst Bradley Cooper Breakup Rumors

Just a mere 4 days later, the couple officially announced their breakup.

RIP Bradina


Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Show Rare PDA on Date Night