Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger tied the knot over the weekend at San Ysidro Ranch and it was elegant and beautiful.

Katherine wore a ‘once in a lifetime’ strapless Giorgio Armani¬†gown that needed its own set of handlers to help carry it as the bride was heading to the altar.

She paired it with a beautiful thin lace veil and minimal jewelry for her big day, opting for just drop earrings and a thin bracelet.

The Armani gown looked gorgeous as its luxurious fabric was draped around Katherine as she got ready to head to the ceremony.

The bride looked to be having fun with her outlandish dress as she laughed while sitting being inundated by it inside the golf cart.

The Kennedy descendant was heavily guarded on her way to her wedding ceremony with two security following her by foot and covering her with large umbrellas.

Chris rode with his son Jack Pratt, who rode shotgun in their golf cart, putting his arm on him while riding in the back seat.

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Chris and Katherine’s wedding was very elegant with bridesmaids wearing blush pink empire gowns with nude sandals and the groomsmen in dark suits.

The florist was photographed making a delivery of the wedding bouquets that were to be carried by the wedding’s bridal party which included beautiful white and pink flowers.

The bridal party was seen arriving at the tented wedding ceremony that featured a long tunnel leading invited guests to the wedding ceremony.

Katherine’s arrival at her wedding was more guarded than Fort Knox as the future Mrs. Pratt made her way with her elegant veil trailing behind her.

Chris looked incredibly handsome as he sported an Armani suit paired with a metallic silver tie and matching handkerchief.

He was photographed wearing his wedding band on the way to the reception as his new bride walked beside him with two assistants carrying her white lace train behind her.

The wedding reception took place outdoors at the lavish gardens of the San Ysidro Ranch that feature several cascading fountains over a beautiful koi ponds.  Guests were treated to appetizers under the California sun in the beautiful outdoor space that included an elegant circular bar.

Maria Shriver was photographed entertaining guests wearing a royal purple dress paired with drop earrings and styled her hair up in a half-pony.

She was talking to her brother Bobby Shriver and her son Patrick Schwarzenegger after the ceremony and was having a grand time as she laughed with her family.

Newlywed’s Katherine and Chris held hands after their wedding ceremony and rode together as they headed to meet their guests at their outdoor reception.

Mrs. Pratt had no problem with her new husband sitting on her couture Armani wedding gown and looked happy as she beamed ready to celebrate their union.

The couple shared the same wedding picture on their IG accounts saying — “Yesterday was the best day of our lives! We became husband and wife in front of God, our families and those we love. It was intimate, moving and emotional. We feel so blessed to begin this new chapter of our lives.”


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