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Keanu Reeves at Too Old To Die Young premiere having a chat with actor Miles Teller who stars in the thriller TV series.

The Hollywood heavyweights were enthralled in a conversation when photographers caught them outside the Vista Theater.

Keanu looked like he was deep-in-thought as he talked to dapper Miles who was dressed in a sharp blue suit and blue suede shoes.

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The Saint Laurent model was dressed in his usual attire of a black leather jacket, black tee, black jeans, and his favorite brown lace-up boots as he showed up at the event.

Reeves is not part of the Too Old To Die Young cast but was there to support the show’s creator Nicolas Winding Refn. 

Keanu and Nicolas worked on The Neon Demon and have been friends ever since.

He exited the theater in a sweet blue customized ARCH motorcycle after making the huge announcement over the weekend that he will be part of Cyberpunk 2077.

Too Old To Die Young looks to be an intense thriller starring Miles Teller and will be streaming in NWR TV.

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