Keanu Reeves cruises in his customized ARCH motorcycle down Pacific Coast Highway and runs into Eric Dane at the Malibu Country Mart.

The impromptu meeting happened as Keanu and his buddies were taking a break from their scenic drive down PCH in Malibu and he ran into the Grey’s Anatomy actor in the parking lot of the fancy outdoor mall.

The Hollywood actor seemed to be great acquaintances as they gave each other manly hugs, with Eric hugging Reeve’s friend also.

Fancy meeting you here! Keanu seemed legit happy and surprised to have run into Eric Dane and gave a super huge smile after Eric gave his pal a bro hug.

The heartthrobs looked insanely hot together immediately raising the temperatures around them in cool Malibu.  The bro’s stood around the parking lot at the Malibu Country Mart chatting it up as Keanu snacked on a pastry.

Dane wore a tight crew neck tee, light jeans, and blue high top sneakers and was sporting peppered hair.  The HBO teen series Euphoria he’s involved had cast member quit when they felt it was over the top with its racy scenes.

Eric is part of one of the controversial scenes where he commits statutory rape with an underage transgender girl and his penis (a prosthetic) is shown to the audience on several occasions.

THR reports there is about ’30 penis’ shown on the pilot episode alone and it also portrays lead actress Zendaya going through a tough drug overdose amongst other controversial ‘teen sex’ scenes.

Keanu looked ruggedly handsome in his brown suede biker jacket, black jeans, and his favorite brown lace-up boots as he let his long locks down and sported some facial hair.

He was carrying a VELOMACCHI watertight backpack for a carefree ride on his ARCH bike.

The Cyberpunk 2077 actor who will portray Johnny Silverhand in the game, has been bringing out his favorite toys out of the garage as he has been spotted with three different bikes in a span of one week.

Pawel Sasko, the leading designer for the futuristic game, has said Reeve’s has provided a lot of input for his character to be more realistic and has been a pleasure to work with since he’s so down-to-earth — “For us as creators, it really makes a huge difference when you can normally talk to a guy and agree on something. It’s a great joy, actually”.

Reeves is currently in theaters staring as the hilarious Duke Caboom character in Toy Story 4 that was modeled after himself but is way over the top.  The actor was so excited about the cartoon character that he gave as much input as possible and is the reason why Caboom can’t stop doing his poses.


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