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Kim Kardashian returns to the White House with President Trump for a news conference regarding their joint effort in helping former inmates get help after leaving prison.

The law student conveyed her passion for the project wearing a dark bob parted down the middle and sporting a Vetements dark blue business suit and Hermès Kelly Pochette bag worth an estimated $69K.

The classic look is said to have cost $72K to put together, according to Page Six.

Kardashian started President Trump’s second chance hiring event thanking Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Trump for their involvement in helping her get to the White House and said the controversial leader has been ‘remarkable’ when it comes to helping her with criminal justice.

She spoke about coming to a place in her life when she wanted to do more to help, but didn’t know how to start to make a difference, so she began to visit prisons and sitting down with ‘lifers’ (a person serving a life sentence in prison) to understand what they needed the most.

“I really felt like, for me, I am at the place in my life that I wanted to make a difference.  And just wanted to do the right thing.  But I didn’t know how or what to do or even really what was going on”, she said.

“And so after going to visit so many different prisons and really sitting down with lifers, with every situation you can possibly imagine, my heart just completely opened up and I wanted to do more”.

The solution to helping convicts make a successful reentry into society and reconnect with their loved ones, according to Kim K, is a rideshare program for formerly incarcerated individuals so they can get to job interviews and see family members.

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The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star said while inside the East Room of the White House, “these people want to work and I’m so happy to be here today, amongst people that want the same thing, and that really believe in supporting their reentry”, she said, referring to President Trump and his daughter Ivanka.

She finished by saying, “I just really want to thank the president for standing behind this issue and seeing the compassion that he’s had for criminal justice has been really remarkable”.


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