Justin Bieber got a surprise when he went to dinner at Craig’s restaurant and YouTube personality Ivan Karasev challenged him to fight dressed as ‘Ivan Drago‘.

The bizarre incident happened outside of the popular celebrity hotspot when YouTube star wannabe challenged Bieber to fight as he ripped his shirt off in Drago fashion.  The singer appeared confused by the guy and quickly made his way to his waiting vehicle.

The prankster kept shouting at Bieber, ‘why you want to fight old guy, let’s fight with Russian guy. Let’s fight.  A real fight’, but the young star was having none of it and ignored him.

Our sources tell us exclusively that Fake Drago (Viktor Karasev) was spotted at Justin Bieber’s home before the publicity stunt and was looking to confront the pop star all day.

The YouTuber, who has Viktor TV has nearly 400,000 followers and has done similar pranks to other celebrities.

The first time ‘fake Drago’ struck, he challenged YouTube sensation Logan Paul outside his home to a boxing fight — Logan brought him inside his boxing ring and proceeded to knock him out.

Fans were quick to judge the fight and call it fake, which both YouTuber’s denied and released their own explanation on how it all went down.

The challenge to Justin from fake Drago comes on the heels of TMZ reporting that there ‘might’ be a chance the Canadian will face Tom Cruise in the Octagon after Dana White (President of UFC) contacted Bieber’s manager to see if the fight could become a reality.

However, Justin denied wanting to actually fight the Mission Impossible actor, when he gave a candid interview to photographers telling them, “it was just a random tweet, I do that sometimes…I think he’d probably whoop my a** in a fight”.

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